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From David North <dno...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Format of submitted patches
Date Sun, 17 Jan 2016 19:27:37 GMT
On 16/01/16 07:52, Javen O'Neal wrote:
> From http://poi.apache.org/guidelines.html#SubmittingPatches
> """
> You may create your patch file using either of the following
> approaches (the committers recommend the first):
> Approach 1 - use Ant
> Approach 2 - the manual way
> Approach 3 - the git way
> """
> What is the current preference among the POI committers and community?

I usually check things in and apologise for them afterwards ;)

Seriously, though, I tend to use Eclipse to generate patches, though it
does share a downside of "svn diff" in that it will omit binary files.

Long term, I think we should make more use of pull requests on Github,
and possibly move our upstream to Git. That seems to be how the rest of
the world solves this problem (and git patch generates a format which
includes binaries).


> If we want to stick with ant as the recommended approach, could we do
> something to address:
> 1) for reviewers: make it easier to read the diff on mobile in a web
> 2) mostly for the committer: easier to apply an ant-generated patch
> tarball to a working copy

Not sure about (1), unless Bugzilla can be made to do something smarter.

For (2) it feels like we should have an "ant apply" target to consume
"ant patch" output.


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