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From David North <dtn-...@corefiling.co.uk>
Subject Re: deprecated handling - reloaded
Date Wed, 25 Nov 2015 09:57:26 GMT
On 25/11/15 06:40, Javen O'Neal wrote:
> Tldr:
> Here's what I propose:
> 1) contributors should add dates and/or POI versions to @deprecated
> annotations for new commits
> 2) contributors should add @since version annotations to new features
> 3) new features may be removed without deprecation only if added prior to a
> final build and removed before or during the next final build (same release
> series)
Makes sense to me.
> ...
> Can we automatically check for `@deprecated <release version or date>` or
> `@since <release version>` in Jenkins?

That's crucial in my view: we've got to have automated enforcement that
this kind of metadata is being kept accurate and acted upon, otherwise
it will rapidly become an out of date embarassement.

A bit of Googling doesn't come up with any obvious tools for inspecting
the deprecated tag in JavaDoc, however if we did something like this:-

* Use the @Deprecated annotation in addition to the JavaDoc tag (which
is useful for some IDEs anyway)
* Invent our own @Removal annodation to contain the date/POI version of
expected removal

Then it would be easy to write a functional test which used reflection
to check all @Deprecated annotated elements had an @Removal too, and to
tell us when things come up as due to be removed.


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