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From Dominik Stadler <dominik.stad...@gmx.at>
Subject Re: poi 3.13 named cell look-up optimisation
Date Thu, 22 Oct 2015 19:01:18 GMT

I think if it is something generally useful and not breaking existing
usage patterns we would be glad to incorporate your work. Albeit
probably only few people work with named cells in documents of that

Depending on how much code is involved, we might need to get some
contribution agreement to ensure the contribution is handed over to
the Apache Software Foundation, ideally you should create a bugzilla
entry to focus discussion there and either paste the changes into the
bugzilla entry or provide a github-fork of the apache-poi github
repository to let us review your proposed improvements.


On Thu, Oct 22, 2015 at 4:18 PM,  <richard.hart@nl.pwc.com> wrote:
> Hello poi developers,
> I have made some modifications to poi 3.13 in order to try to reduce the
> time used to generate an excel workbook. This is based on an application we
> are building that models real-world business organisations.
> We have a model of an organisation with 58 units. Each unit has 3 main
> Chart of Accounts where each chart has on average 50 accounts. The model
> ranges over 20 years. This equates to about 3 * 50 * 20 (3000) named cells
> on each of 58 sheets. The generation of the workbook takes 4:47 of which
> about 1 minute is used generating the data being placed into the workbook
> cells. Analysis using VisualVM indicated that a great deal of CPU time was
> being spent in getName(String). Looking at the code it appeared that much
> time is spent in HSSFName.setNameName(String) looking to see it the given
> name is duplicated which is where getName(String) is eventually evoked.
> As a test to see if this could be improved, I modified several classes to
> include a Map<sheetNumber, Map<name, NameRecord>>. Thus as a cell name is
> set, a duplicate can be found directly through the map and if not
> duplicate, that name is included as a key in the map along with the sheet
> number it is contained in as a key.
> Once implemented, the running time was reduced to 3:14 or about a 30%
> reduction in time needed to build the workbook. Now the next most expensive
> method is getStyle() but the CPU time spent there is 1/10th of what getName
> () was so nothing was done to try to improve it.
> My question to this group is, is there interest in the code changes? The
> getName(string) still exists but a user can choose to use getName(String,
> int sheetNumber) to do a fast look-up. It is in our own interest if we did
> not have to maintain a poi project of our own and that the poi development
> group take a look at optimising the named cell look-up. I am willing to
> provide the few modified source files for your examination.
> Best regards/Met vriendelijke groet,
> Richard Hart
> PwC | Senior Architect
> Tel: +31 (0)64 321-8105
> Email: richard.hart@nl.pwc.com
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> Netherlands
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