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From David North <dtn-...@corefiling.co.uk>
Subject Re: Merging security schema to full schema
Date Fri, 23 Oct 2015 16:03:16 GMT
On 16/10/15 21:52, Andreas Beeker wrote:
> Hi,
>> Nick proposed we should have an ooxml-schemas-1.2 JAR containing visio,
>> security & main, rather than three separate artefacts. But keep the
>> existing lightweight one too. All agreed this made sense. ACTION:
>> Someone to implement this.
> As this seems to be shortly before done - and the security schema is kind of my "fault".
> Do we really need to increase the size of the full schema?
> Or to formulate it even more cynical, if users don't read the faq or component docs -
> they won't find the missing classes neither in the full schemas nor in the tripple.
> I personally prefer to have more smaller jars instead of a big one.
> Ideally every format has its own xml-jar.
> And to look a bit more into the future, I think the jaxb variant might be also smaller
than xmlbeans -
> so speculating, small enough to include everything for the corresponding format.
> How about adding a profile (with description) to the maven poms - so a user can
> switch between the lite/full/triple dependency version?

Dustin, any thoughts? I have some work time allocated to POI next week
and am keen to do what I can to progress us towards 3.14 beta1


David North, Technical Lead, CoreFiling Limited
Phone: +44-1865-203192

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