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From Nick Burch <apa...@gagravarr.org>
Subject Re: Hello! + Visio/XDGF integration tasks
Date Tue, 15 Sep 2015 15:10:28 GMT
On Mon, 14 Sep 2015, Dustin Spicuzza wrote:
>> Could you do a new dump with the updated headers? We can then review
>> those, and use that as the basis for the import once we're all happy
> Updated dump made in a branch on github:
> The diff:
> https://github.com/BBN-D/poi-visio/commit/474be9719e900a962a3d2d907bd3982180bd949e
> The tarball: https://github.com/BBN-D/poi-visio/archive/0.0.3-asf.tar.gz
> The sha256sum of that tarball:
> 54e9f516c63054e02cb4108cbfba1c041ae361438266f6139266db55341e629d

Great, thanks. Once we've done the import, we can use the rat-check ant 
target to check they're all correct, but from a quick check all seems fine

>> In the short term, I'd suggest we do another full jar for it, and have
>> the key classes included in the poi-ooxml-schemas jar
>> Medium term, we should release a full ooxml-schemas 1.2 jar, with the
>> visio and security bits in.
>> Could someone raise a bug for that, and start work on it :)
> I've added the boog.

For now, I'd suggest you take a look at how the ant build works for the 
security schemas, as plan on followingthat model. Once we're happy we can 
look at the 1.2 full schemas.

>> Done! Please let me know if you want any further tweaks to the
>> description for it, and/or HDGF to avoid confusion
> The category on bugzilla is VDGF... to match the others, shouldn't it be
> XDGF? Otherwise, there is lots of sed in our future...

Glad to see someone's paying attention... ;-) Typo fixed!

I've started the 72 hour lazy consensus on the IP clearance, if that 
passes then we'll be good for you to start importing into a new branch


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