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From bugzi...@apache.org
Subject [Bug 57595] Can't build due to current build configuration
Date Thu, 19 Feb 2015 15:08:06 GMT

--- Comment #3 from Vasili <gavr145@gmail.com> ---
I just tried svn co and although I have set up a proxy - it does not work in
our environment (either proxy has a problem or it's a problem with svn: I tried
different svn clients including cygwin svn and TortoiseSVN). So, remote
checkout does not work for me.
It would be more convenient if you could have conventional tarball or zip
containing at least some snapshots downloadable. Since they seems to be not
existent - I use src release distributions. 

So, the second option remaining. As you suggested, I've copied lib from bin
distribution but it still does not contain all jars required, and I'm getting
error again (hamcrest-core-1.3.jar is missing in lib and maven tries to


      [get] Getting:
      [get] To:
      [get] Error getting
re/1.3/hamcrest-core-1.3.jar to

C:\poi-src-3.11-20141221\poi-3.11_fixed\build.xml:450: The following error
red while executing this line:
: Connection timed out: connect
        at java.net.DualStackPlainSocketImpl.connect0(Native Method)

Does POI have any binary distributions containing EVERYTHING necessary for it's
building, so there will be no need to download automatically?
Just a tarball or zip.
Yes, I can download that particular jar directly (hamcrest) but as I remember,
in the past I already tried to download all the dependencies manually, a dozen
of files from different places, but got some missing OpenOffice file or
something else (don't remember) which gave me a conflict or error.

What will you suggest?
The only restriction we have is the proxy, so maven, svn, wget or other
automatic downloads do not work. What we need to build a source and all the
dependencies should be here, locally. That's it. in the past (before maven it
was so simple! Even with the plain ant, not speaking about pre-ant times, i.e.
make, how the Opensource had been distributed 90s). Sorry for complaining here,
I'm just tired of inconveniences introduced by the technologies themselves for
the sake of technology, especially when it is not absolutely necessary and
making software building procedures less portable. In my belief, the OpenSource
software, to be successful, should be buildable under any field conditions,
without internet connection, even in field conditions. So, everybody will be
able to build it - not only the experts.

Thank you for your support!

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