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From bugzi...@apache.org
Subject [Bug 53314] Invalid Formula Cell Reference for named ranges referring to whole columns
Date Thu, 31 May 2012 15:53:47 GMT

--- Comment #10 from Mark B <markbrdsly@tiscali.co.uk> ---
Hello again Peter and thanks for your testing.

The reason why there are 'only' 65 odd thousand rows in a column is that the
support for the OOXML format is not complete yet - at least the part that
relates to the sort of operation you wish to perform is not. Yes, also the
assumption is that you want ALL of the cells in the row or column and not just
the ones that are or might be populated with data and this does have some
attendant risks. Perhaps, it might be better to adopt the approach taken if you
get an Iterator for the rows on a sheet or the cells on a row. There, as far as
I am aware, you will only get the non null objects returned to you.

Must admit that I got a hack very similar to your working but did not post it.
Just as you did, I 'modified' the forumla returned by the call to
getRefersToFormula() so that it pointed to the first cell on a row/column and
the last cell on the row.column. The reason I did not post it was simple, the
AreaReference could be created but it would return false if I called either the
isWholeColumn() or isWholeRow() method. Comments in the source indicated that
passing -1 as the index of the first cell on the row or column would trigger
the AreaReference to 'see' the object as a whole row or column but I could not
make that work at all.

As AreaReference can understand that A:A indicates a whole row and that only
the inclusion of the sheet name seems to throw it, that is where I will
concentrate for now. Will leave the bug open and post if I make any further

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