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From Niklas Rehfeld <niklas.rehf...@gmail.com>
Subject contributing code to POI
Date Mon, 30 Jan 2012 03:49:25 GMT
Hi all,

I have been working on a project that uses a lot of the POI libraries,
and have come up with some code that I think would be useful to
contribute back to the project. The main thing is an implementation of
the DConRef record structure.

Now, I haven't released the project that this is part of yet, and I
haven't decided on a license to release it under. I am a bit confused
by the stuff in the contributing guidelines and the Coding standards.

For instance does it matter what license I release my project under,
in terms of being able to contribute parts of the codebase to the POI
project? I read in one of the parts that none of the code contributed
is allowed to depend on gpl/lgpl licensed code. Does this mean I can't
release my project under GPL and contribute parts of it to POI at the
same time? Or am I completely misunderstanding something?

Also, what license/headers do I need to put at the top of a class when
I contribute it? In some places it talks about "the POI License" and
other places it talks about the ASL and releasing rights to the source
under that license.


p.s. the link to the 'apache software license' in the checklist part
of in http://poi.apache.org/guidelines.html is broken, it points to
"licence-faq" rather than to "license-faq".

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