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From Stefan Stern <stefan.st...@mind8.com>
Subject Updates to XWPF
Date Fri, 06 May 2011 13:22:44 GMT
Hello all

After the contribution to XWPF attached to bug 48574 by Philipp Epp 
during his diploma thesis, I took over the development.  During the last 
weeks, I spent some effort in extending the functionality of those parts 
in our product, where POI is used. There were some missing features in 
XWPF, which I added to the code. Some other features didn't work, which 
I fixed. Some issues have been addresseed already. I will merge my 
changes into the trunk state of the POI sources.
Additionally, I try to split my changes to several patches, sorted into 
according bug entries, so my proposals won't come in as a huge patch. 
Hopefully, this will ease up your integration efforts.

As next great step, I would like to remove all "Cursor"-Usage from XWPF 
API and keep XML handling inside the XWPF classes. This will take place 
during the next 2 months. In order to provide code with least 
difference, are there any coding guidelines concerning where paranthesis 
are supposed to be placed, whether to use tabs or space, etc.? I tried 
to define an Eclipse formatter configuration, that does least "damage" 
to existing classes. But among the classes, paranthesis are placed 
different, indention is made with tabs or spaces, has the size of 2 or 
4, line wrapping is different, etc., so formtatting a class with my 
formatter almost always ends up in many differences.

Kind regards,
Stefan Stern

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