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From Yegor Kozlov <ye...@dinom.ru>
Subject Re: how to add functions to POI
Date Tue, 05 Oct 2010 13:02:19 GMT

> As far as patching it,  I don't think it *needs* a patch.  One suggestion might
> be that when POI encounters a custom function and it throws an exception, the
> comments of the exception point users to the UDFFinder docs.
This sounds like a good idea. If the formula evaluator stumbles on an 
unknown function then the exception should suggest a workaround with UDF.
There can be tricky details - we need to tell unknown defined names from 
unknown functions, this detection should work transparently for .xls and 
.xlsx formats, etc. But anyway, I like the idea.
Your idea with configuration of UDFs also makes sense but I don't want 
to make it too complicated.  POI does not depend on Spring and I don't 
think we will add a new dependency just for configuration of UDFs. So, 
Java properties is the way to go.

In current implementation if  UDFFinder is not specified then a default 
instance is used, see UDFFinder.java:

     public static final UDFFinder DEFAULT = new 

I think it should be re-written into something like this

     public static final UDFFinder DEFAULT = new 

where getInstance() will search for a configuration file (system 
property or classpath) and programmatically register UDFs, just like in 
the test case.

This way future versions of POI will be compatible with existing user 
code. If support for custom VBA functions is needed then all user needs 
to do is to implement the VBA code as FreeRefFunction and register it in 
the configuration file.


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