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From David Fisher <dfis...@jmlafferty.com>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release of POI 3.6
Date Sun, 13 Dec 2009 19:13:38 GMT
Hi Yegor,

> I have built a release candidate for POI-3.6. Please test-drive and  
> vote.

I have checked the release and I have a few questions.

(1) You have labeled the version as 3.6 without using the -FINAL  
label. I am +1 to this and would even agree to drop the date on  
FINALs. I think this change should be mentioned here and in the  
documentation changes.

(2) I noticed these five files are missing the ASF license notice:


I  fixed these in r890089.

Does anyone have a problem releasing without these files fixed in the  
source distro? Most are recent additions and all were added in the  
last year.

(3) In the LICENSE file there is this section which mentions ooxml- 

> Office Open XML schemas (ooxml-schemas-1.0.jar)
>     The Office Open XML schema definitions used by Apache POI are
>     a part of the Office Open XML ECMA Specification (ECMA-376, [1]).
>     As defined in section 9.4 of the ECMA bylaws [2], this  
> specification
>     is available to all interested parties without restriction:

Should this part of the LICENSE mention the new poi-ooxml-schemas? I  
think the only place in the external documentation we mention the  
relationship between ooxml-schemas and poi-ooxml-schemas explicitly is  
on my updated overview.xml. Probably mentioning this on the download  
and index is sufficient. It is also implicit in the names, and it is  
certainly part of the build.xml.

(4) In testing the source distro I did "ant dist" and this fails  
because the maven directory is missing. This is more a flaw in the  
documentation on howtobuild.xml. The dist row was removed in r890089.   
I don't think it should be mentioned other than in the release guide  
notes. I don't see anyone but the release manager building this  
target. Nick am I wrong? Even if you use the target in your nightly  
builds it does not need to be mentioned on the website. Either way it  
does not matter for the release.

> The release artifacts can be downloaded from  http://people.apache.org/~yegor/POI-3.6/
> A staging Maven repository containing the artifacts to be released  
> is http://people.apache.org/~yegor/m2-repository/
> The revision number of the release is r887879 and tagged as REL_3_6  
> on Dec 7 2009.
> Please note that POI-3.6 includes new jars and Maven artifacts:
>  (1) poi-ooxml-schemas
>  This is a 'lite' version of ooxml-schemas-1.0.jar. This jar  
> replaces the big ooxml-schemas-1.0.jar in the binary distributions  
> and Maven POMs.

(5) I had documentation changes ready for this that had not been  
committed and are not part of the docs directory in the release  
distributions.  I committed changes with r890085 this morning - the  
change is to overview.xml. The latest release is mentioned on this  
page and you will want to change this as you rebuild the site for the  

I think that the release will need changes in src/documentation/xdocs  
to these files: index.xml, download.xml and overview.xml.

For future FINAL releases we should have a policy of discussing the  
announcement and documentation changes BEFORE building and voting on a  
release distribution.

>  (2) poi-examples - This jar includes merged examples (main,  
> scratchpad and ooxml). Users requested it several times and I don't  
> see why we should not distribute it.

+1 to include these.

>  (3) Maven distribution now includes sources. Each individual JAR is  
> accompanied by a -sources.jar:
> 	poi-3.6-sources-20091214.jar
> 	poi-contrib-3.6-sources-20091214.jar
> 	poi-ooxml-3.6-sources-20091214.jar
> 	poi-scratchpad-3.6-sources-20091214.jar
> 	poi-examples-3.6-sources-20091214.jar


> The vote options are:
> [X]+1  - I support the release
> [ ] 0  - I don't care
> [ ]-1  - I'm opposed to the release because...
> I'm voting [+1]. Voting will last 7 days and end on Monday, December  
> 14.

I am voting +1 to release POI 3.6

I don't think any of my questions block the release. I think Gianugo  
would call this a couple of drops of coffee in the saucer. Feel free  
to vote -1 if you disagree.

Let's discuss the release announcement in a separate thread.


> Yegor
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