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From bugzi...@apache.org
Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 46553] Fix for applyFont() method of HSSFRichTextString
Date Sat, 17 Jan 2009 15:11:29 GMT

--- Comment #1 from David Wang <davidcw@mit.edu>  2009-01-17 07:11:28 PST ---
Apologies, I accidently submitted this bug by clicking the Commit button
prematurely. Here is the completed report...

I believe I found a bug in the applyFont() method of class HSSFRichTextString.
The fix for the applyFont() method is included in plain-text, below. The fix is
simple: In the applyFont() method, in the section of code that "reapplies" the
current font, it samples the font at the "startIndex". However, it would seem
to make more sense if it samples the font at the "endIndex", and reapplies that

I have also attached the code that demonstrates this bug, this time with the
associated excel file.

This 'bug' exists in both release 3.2 FINAL and 3.5-beta4.

    public void applyFont(int startIndex, int endIndex, short fontIndex)
        if (startIndex > endIndex)
            throw new IllegalArgumentException("Start index must be less than
end index.");
        if (startIndex < 0 || endIndex > length())
            throw new IllegalArgumentException("Start and end index not in
        if (startIndex == endIndex)

        //Need to check what the font is currently, so we can reapply it after
        //the range is completed
        short currentFont = NO_FONT;
        if (endIndex != length()) {
          // FIX: USES "endIndex" instead of the original "startIndex".
          currentFont = this.getFontAtIndex(endIndex); 

        //Need to clear the current formatting between the startIndex and
        string = cloneStringIfRequired();
        Iterator formatting = string.formatIterator();
        if (formatting != null) {
          while (formatting.hasNext()) {
            UnicodeString.FormatRun r =
            if ((r.getCharacterPos() >= startIndex) && (r.getCharacterPos() <

        string.addFormatRun(new UnicodeString.FormatRun((short)startIndex,
        if (endIndex != length())
          string.addFormatRun(new UnicodeString.FormatRun((short)endIndex,



Incidently, in searching for a related bug to which I could apply this fix, I
found a similar bug: Bug 40520, "HSSFFont.applyFont() formats wrong parts of

It looks like this bug has already been resolved in release 3.5-beta4. (I
didn't test if it was resolved in 3.2 FINAL). I'm not fully familiar with the
posting rules, so I didn't mark it as such. 

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