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From Avik Sengupta <avik.sengu...@itellix.com>
Subject Forrest and POI docs
Date Tue, 02 Jan 2007 13:06:45 GMT
Our documentation is currently being generated using apache forrest 
(http://forrest.apache.org/) I think it works pretty well (using our own 
definition of 'well' of course :)

The trouble is, it apparently works only on forrest 0.5.1, since the support 
for something called 'antproxy.xml' has been removed (cant find when, from 
the changelogs) My inclination is to NOT move the build to the latest and 
greatest version of forrest. Having looked, I doubt it will be a trivial 
task, given that the learning curve in forrest is a difficult one... among 
other things I dont understand, apparently forrest now bundles its own 
version of ant (why on earth?)

Further, forrest is not 1.0 yet, and the possibility of further incompatible 
changes is pretty high... we've already done a couple of rounds of 
refactoring of our documentation build process. 

I would therefore suggest that POI continue to build the documentation using 
forrest 0.5.1. Its just and extra click to download. We need to highlight 
this better in our own documentation of course. 

Therefore, if you have strong feelings about supporting the latest forrest 
version, now is the time to shout, and indeed, jump in and rewrite the build!



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