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From Yegor Kozlov <ye...@dinom.ru>
Subject Re[3]: object model to work with styles in PowerPoint
Date Fri, 14 Jul 2006 14:11:54 GMT
OK. The said makes sense.

I'm not sure about method signatures, need to think about it :).
Probably there will be
 getStyles();  //returns all applied styles
 getStyles(int mask);  //returns specific styles

 getStyles( MASTER | TEXTRUN) is equivalent of getStyles()

We are going to add a bunch of methods to the TextRun object, probably
it's better to delegate calls to a special object :

TextFormat fmt = txrun.getTextFormat();
//do formatting via TextFormat

NB> On Fri, 14 Jul 2006, Yegor Kozlov wrote:
>>>> My worry is that your plan doesn't easily allow someone to get all the
>>>> different bits of information from the first list.
>> Do users really need this information? When editing a PPT file you don't 
>> care if you are overriding a master style or not. I think this 
>> information is low-level and makes sense only for developers, not for 
>> end-users, if only they are familiar with PPT format.

NB> One of the things I keep meaning to write is a PPT -> S5 converter. 
NB> Knowing where the stylings come from would be very useful to me

NB> On other template based stuff I've worked on in the past, you always end 
NB> up needing to know if some styling came from the template, or from the 
NB> text.

NB> I suppose we could have:

NB>     getTextSpecificStyles
NB>        returns just styles for the text
NB>        flagged as being allowed to edit
NB>     getAllApplyingStyles
NB>        gets the master ones, then applys the text ones on top
NB>        flagged as being not allowed to edit
NB>     getMasterStyles
NB>        calls get styles on the master
NB>        turns off the edit flag
NB>     setTextStyles
NB>        sets the text specific styles
NB>        only works on edit allowed ones

NB> Then on the master
NB>     getMasterStyles
NB>        returns the styles from the master
NB>        flagged as being allowed to edit
NB>     setMasterStyles
NB>        sets the master styles
NB>        only works on edit allowed ones (should always be)

NB> Would that make sense?

NB> Nick

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