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From Ramesh Kakarala <rameshkakar...@yahoo.com>
Subject How To Get POI JAR With Patches
Date Wed, 21 Jun 2006 03:03:37 GMT
Does anyone know how to get the official Apache POI 2.5.1 JAR that 
incorporates all approved patches?  All I see on the Apache site is the 
version 2.5.1 JAR dated August 2004.  We recently ran into a bug with this 
version where an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException is thrown whenever reading a 
spreadsheet that contains a Drop Down List.  I see a Bug #27929 in the Bug 
Database for this issue and a Patch referenced.  I made the code changes 
suggested by one of the people in the bug thread and it seems to resolve this 
defect.  There is a more involved recommended change later in the thread which 
I have not tried yet, but I assume it also works.  

All well and good but I work for a large corporation where my hacked JAR based 
on suggestions from Internet threads is going to be met with a lot of 
skepticism.  And frankly if this is an approved patch to the Apache POI 
project I can't understand why someone on the team has not seen fit to put out 
the latest version 2 JAR (v2.5.2 perhaps) that incorporates all the approved 
patches.  Does anyone know what's up with the project and whether it is 
possible to download an official latest and greatest version 2 JAR or is this 
Drop Down List patch perhaps not really approved.

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