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From Ravi Nistala <nvvnr...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Next Release of POI
Date Mon, 26 Sep 2005 18:41:41 GMT
 <andy <at> superlinksoftware.com> writes:

> Ravi Nistala wrote:
> > I am  working for a project which uses POI ver 2.5.1. We got into a 
> > and found that the development version of POI ver 3.0  fixes our problem .
> > So my question are :
> > 1) when the ver 3.0 is going to be released officially?
> When it is ready.
> > 2) How safe is it to use ver 3.0 means how stable will ver 3.0 from now 
> > it gets officially released.
> reasonably safe, but we promise to break that promise.  Meaning NO 
> guarantee that we won't change an API between now and then.
> > 3) Can anybody  on the developer team tell me or point me where i can get 
> > differences between POI and Formula 1 from "ReportingEngines.com" which is 
> > actuate product.
> So there are certainly features in Formula 1 that we do not yet support. 
>   Principly we have different approaches.  POI is NOT a spreadsheet 
> engine, it is a port of the file format.  Additionally, unless you use 
> graphical features (we do use java graphics apis for graphical stuff 
> like drawings) we do not actually bind you to X or a graphics subsystem. 
>   (less of a concern now than it used to be)
> After the next release it is likely we'll use less memory than F1j. 
> Upon my last test of it (which was a few years ago) we were in fact faster.
> > It will be helpful if the differences are form a technical standpoint 
point .
> > I know that the later one costs around 15000 bucks or so.
> > 
> A lot of uses of POI are OEM based.  Its simply not feasible for most to 
> license F1j as an OEM product.  Moreover POI is at this point the gold 
> standard as far as a largest deployment base and we have good commercial 
> support and service via SuperLink.
> -Andy
> > Thank you in advance
> > Ravi.n
> > 

Thank you Andy for your reply. 

i was asking when POI ver 3.0 will be available. ( i mean at least any 
targeted month).The reason why i am so particular is that we have a release in 
OCT by which we should be able to say to the management that ver 3.0 is 

Next is it correct to say that 	With POI, there can be no passwords, 
conditional formatting, rotated text, or rich text  ?

Does POI support array of formulas,or use logical operations (IF) or sheet 
references in your formulas?

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