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From Jason Height <jhei...@minotaur.apache.org>
Subject Re: String Encoding (again)
Date Wed, 24 Aug 2005 23:58:36 GMT

So if i did an audit over the code and made sure that getBytes() is not 
called without specifying an encoding ie getBytes("UTF-16LE") then 
everything should be sweet.

UnicodeRecord does specifying an encoding when it is about to serialize 
the string bytes, so it shoud perform the translation from whatever the 
string default encoding is, into the required encoding.



public byte[] getBytes()

      Encodes this String into a sequence of bytes using the platform's
default charset, storing the result into a new byte array.

      The behavior of this method when this string cannot be encoded in
the default charset is unspecified. The CharsetEncoder class should be
used when more control over the encoding process is required.

          The resultant byte array

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