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From Nick Burch <n...@torchbox.com>
Subject Design question - how to hold metadata on record types
Date Sun, 31 Jul 2005 15:10:01 GMT
Hi All

I've been having a debate on this with Yegor Kozlov, who's done some
powerpoint around adding new sheets that he hopes to be able to contribute
to POI in the near future. We can't agree on it, so I'm hoping that some
of the other developers might be able to weigh in with their ideas.

The debate is about how we store the metadata on the different kinds of
records. Currently, for HSLF, the metadata we have is three things: Record
ID (number), Record Name, HSLF class that handles the record.

My preferred solution (and hence the one currently in the codebase) is to
hold all of this metadata in one single place (hslf.record.RecordType). If
there is a single line holding all the metadata for a kind of record, then
there's no duplication, and a much lower chance of mistakes /
inconsistencies creeping in. If you want to look up a ID->Class or
Name->ID mapping, then there's only one class you need to deal with.

I'd say the plus points are:
* single class to deal with for all metadata
* no duplication
* reduced chances of inconsistencies in metadata
And the minus point is:
* not how other bits of POI do it

Yegor's preferred solution is to split the metadata up. He would prefere
to store the ID <--> Name mapping in one file (eg RecordType), and the
ID <--> Class mapping in another (eg RecordFactory), as other bits of POI
seem to. My main concern is that we now have duplication of the metadata
(two files have the ID list in them), and this greatly increases the
chances of them going out of sync, and then containing differing /
contradictory information.

The plus point seems to be:
* What other bits of POI have done
And the minus points are:
* Metadata is split into multiple files
* Bits of the metadata are duplicated
* Risk of two files going out of sync and differning from each other
* If we wanted to store a 4th bit of metadata, we'd probably end up with a
  third file

So, can anyone offer any suggestions on which route they think is best?
Obviously, I prefere the one were all the metadata stays in a single
place. However, this hasn't been the POI way, so what caused the
difference in thinking?


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