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From Amol Deshmukh <amol...@yahoo.com>
Subject RE: FormulaRecord getValue &setVal ue enhancement
Date Mon, 13 Jun 2005 12:38:42 GMT

--- avik.sengupta@itellix.com wrote:
> This will break existing code. Very Bad Thing! Also,
> with my Alan Cooper fanboy
> hat on, I think recommending to /prefer/ calling
> setCellType() is in itself a Bad Thing.

It wouldnt break existing code since existing code
would be throwing CastClassException anyway :) But I
get your point and am glad we had this discussion.

> I would say, add a method called
> setCellFormulaResult() overloaded for
> string/num etc. 

Yeah, probably a better option! Although maybe, I can
do something like:
  Create inner nested class Formula which has the
overloaded setCellFormulaResult(..) methods (& a
constructor that takes in the formula string)... and
add setCellValue(HSSFCell.Formula f) to HSSFCell. This
will keep the HSSFCell api clean since it will just
add two methods (getFormulaValue/setCellValue(Formula
f) - and I can make the javadocs very clear about
how/when to use these method :)

> I am sure we can fix the class cast exception on
> calling setCellFormula 
> followed
>   setCellValue independently.

True. I should have thought of that! :) So now in
setCellValue(..) methods we can change:
if ((cellType != CELL_TYPE_STRING ) 
 && (cellType != CELL_TYPE_FORMULA))
  setCellType(CELL_TYPE_STRING, false);

if ((cellType != CELL_TYPE_STRING ))
  setCellType(CELL_TYPE_STRING, false);

[Since we will have a setCellValue(Formula f) that
will take care of the formula with initial value]

~ amol

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