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From Ralph Scheuer <ralph.sche...@gmx.net>
Subject Powerpoint Tools for POI?
Date Mon, 02 Aug 2004 15:35:54 GMT
(To whom it may concern)

Hello everybody,

in the course of the last months, I have searched for a free Java  
framework that can process PowerPoint files.

Some days ago, I finally found something here:


Apparently, one would not expect such things in Slide but rather in  
POI. Slide's extractors were contributed by Ryan Rhodes. I have tested  
these at first and this weekend I finally discovered Sudhakar Chavali's  
classes. This was cross-posted to the Slide User mailing list and the  
POI User mailing list.

Sudhakar's classes are even better than those by Ryan Rhodes as they  
even take care of the document structure. I have just integrated this  
code into a production framework and fixed an issue where non-ASCII  
characters (in my case German umlauts) were not displayed correctly.  
All in all, this seems to be some really good work that might be able  
to help a lot of people.

Avik Sengupta has already asked Sudhakar if he wants his work to become  
part of POI.

While I do not want to impact his own decision of whether he wants to  
keep maintaining this code or not, I just wanted to inform you that  
there is some really good code available to deal with PowerPoint files  
and that this might also be a starting point for integrating even more  
PowerPoint functionality into POI.

I just wondered why this code is in Slide and not in POI and whether  
there has already been conversation across the different groups. IMHO  
POI would be a good place for this functionality (the text extraction  
part is certainly also interesting for the Lucene guys).

Once Sudhakar's code is in the right hands, I will certainly contribute  
any fixes we have for this code. If there is anything else I can do to  
help with this issue, let me know, but keep in mind that I have not  
been involved in any Jakarta project until now, so I may have to learn  
a lot.

Kind regards,

Ralph Scheuer

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