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From Glen Stampoultzis <gst...@iinet.net.au>
Subject [ANN] POI 2.0 FINAL Released
Date Tue, 27 Jan 2004 09:00:20 GMT


The POI Team is proud to announce the immediate availability of the Jakarta
POI 2.0-FINAL release.


The POI project consists of APIs for manipulating various file formats
based upon Microsoft's OLE 2 Compound Document format using pure Java.
Support for reading and writing Microsoft Excel files and property
information is mature and work continues on reading and writing the
MS Word format.

You can find the website at http://jakarta.apache.org/poi/


The following major changes have occurred since the 1.5 release:

HSSF (for reading and writing spreadsheets):
  * Numerous bug fixes
  * Improved support for non-english spreadsheets.
  * Formula support
  * Named cells and ranges
  * Sheet reordering
  * Zoom support
  * Freeze and split panes supported
  * Row and column headers
  * Custom data formats
  * Support for cloning objects
  * Headers and footers
  * Preservation of VBA macros when rewriting workbooks
  * Support for hyperlinks by using cell formulas:
  * Custom palettes

HPSF (for reading document properties):
  * Bug fixes
  * Codepage support
  * Read and write support
  * Custom properties

DOWNLOADS (source and binaries):



The Jakarta POI Team.

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