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From Glen Stampoultzis <gst...@iinet.net.au>
Subject Re: Support for Images and charting
Date Thu, 22 Jan 2004 12:50:21 GMT
At 04:57 PM 22/01/2004, you wrote:
>I think all things left to do in HSSF are basically easy, but what do I

Hrrmm... charting will be a lot of work.  The main problem is that there's 
very little information available on how charts work.  These are the 
records for a very "simple" bar chart:

         [SCL]                 // zoom magnification
         [PLOTGROWTH]          // font scaling
         [FRAME]               // border around text
         [BEGIN]               // default line and area format
         [SERIES]              // start of series
             [AI]              // LINK_TYPE_TITLE_OR_TEXT
             [AI]              // LINK_TYPE_VALUES
             [AI]              // LINK_TYPE_CATEGORIES
             [AI]              // ??
             [DATAFORMAT]      // Formatting applies to series?
             [BEGIN]           // ??
                 [UNKNOWN RECORD]
             [SeriesToChartGroup] // Used to support > 1 chart?
         [SHTPROPS]            // Some defaults for how chart is displayed.
         [DEFAULTTEXT]         // Describes the characteristics of the next
                               // record
         [TEXT]                // Details of the text that follows in the
                               // next section
             [UNKNOWN RECORD]  // POS record... looks like I missed this one.
                               // docs seem to indicate it's better to use
                               // defaults...
             [FONTX]           // index to font record.
             [AI]              // link to text?  seems to be linking to nothing
         [DEFAULTTEXT]         // contains a category type of 3 which is not
                               // documented (sigh).
         [TEXT]                // defines position, color etc for text on 
             [UNKNOWN RECORD]  // Another pos record
             [FONTX]           // font
             [AI]              // reference type is DIRECT (not sure what this
                               // means)
         [AXISUSED]            // number of axis on the chart.
         [AXISPARENT]          // axis size and location
         [BEGIN]               // beginning of axis details
             [UNKNOWN RECORD]        // Another pos record.
             [AXIS]                  // Category axis
                 [CATSERRANGE]       // defines tick marks and other stuff
                 [AXCEXT]            // unit information
                 [TICK]              // tick formating characteristics
             [AXIS]                  // Value axis
                 [VALUERANGE]        // defines tick marks and other stuff
                 [TICK]              // tick formating characteristics
                 [AXISLINEFORMAT]    // major grid line axis format
                 [LINEFORMAT]        // what do the lines look like?
             [PLOTAREA]              // marks that the frame following belongs
                                     // to the frame.
             [FRAME]                 // border
                 [LINEFORMAT]        // border line
                 [AREAFORMAT]        // border area
             [CHARTFORMAT]           // marks a chart group
                 [BAR]               // indicates a bar chart
                 [UNKNOWN RECORD]    // apparently this record is ignoreable
                 [LEGEND]            // positioning for the legend
                     [UNKNOWN RECORD]    // another position record.
                     [TEXT]              // details of the text that follows
                                         // in the next section
                         [UNKNOWN RECORD]  // yet another pos record
                         [AI]              // another link (of type direct)

Glen Stampoultzisgstamp@iinet.net.au

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