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From Rainer Klute <kl...@rainer-klute.de>
Subject Re: HPSF Testcase on HEAD
Date Mon, 19 Jan 2004 23:04:44 GMT
On Tue, 20 Jan 2004 03:48:59 +051800 avik.sengupta@itellix.com wrote:
> Can you send me your version of the file (it passes the testcase on your windows
> m/c, i suppose?) zipped up? Better still, if you can tell me the unicode values
> of the characters you are checking against, i can replace them in the test. 

No insults, please! :-) I am not working under Windows but instead I use a real operating
system: Linux.

The test case giving you problems is not yet as sophisticated as it should be. Depending on
the locale it works or not. This must be changed. I think HPSF should check whether a encoding
succeeded and should throw an appropriate exceptions if the character in question cannot be
mapped to a byte using a certain encoding.

BTW, if you (or I or whoever) solve that you'll encounter the next test case that fails. This
is also nothing dramatically wrong but just a nit to pick. This stuff is really not yet completed
(the test cases, not the implementatiion, I suppose).

Best regards
Rainer Klute

                           Rainer Klute IT-Consulting GmbH
  Rainer Klute             E-Mail:  klute@rainer-klute.de
  K├Ârner Grund 24          Telefon: +49 172 2324824
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