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From Rainer Klute <rainer.kl...@epost.de>
Subject HPSF writing capability
Date Sat, 30 Aug 2003 09:41:30 GMT
Hi all,

I just commited the first shot of HPSF's writing functionality to the HEAD of POI's CVS repository.
Now you can not only read a document's properties but you can also write them.

HPSF comes with three new classes: MutablePropertySet, MutableSection and MutableProperty
extend their respective superclasses PropertySet, Section and Property with writing functionalities.

The drawback is that the current writing functionalities are very low-level. You have to deal
with property IDs and variant types to write properties. There are no convenient classes and
no convenient methods for dealing with summary information and document summary information
streams yet. The API documentation tells you more about the details. You should also consider
studying the HPSF testcases to see how to write property set streams.

The traditional HPSF classes have also undergone a few incompatible changes:

- When HPSF encounters a property type that it does not (yet) support, it writes a warning
message to System.err. A warning is written only once for each unsupported type. You can turn
off the warnings completely by calling org.apache.poi.hpsf.VariantSupport.setLogUnsupportedTypes(false).
Unsupported type can still be read and written as byte arrays without any interpretation of
the data.

- The Property methods getID() returns a long instead of an int now. The constructor Property(long,
byte[], long, int, int) takes a long parameter where it formerly expected an int.

- The PropertySet methods getOSVersion() and getSectionCount() return a long instead of an
int now.

Have fun!

                           Rainer Klute IT-Consulting GmbH
  Rainer Klute             E-Mail:  klute@rainer-klute.de
  K├Ârner Grund 24          Telefon: +49 172 2324824
D-44143 Dortmund           Telefax: +49 231 5349423

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