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From "Praveen Mathew" <prmat...@in.ibm.com>
Subject Re: HDF
Date Thu, 29 May 2003 17:20:58 GMT

Sorry If you got offended from my mail. I didnt mean that in anyway,

I am breaking my head to create FIB, FKP etc.. so that I can create a
simple Doc with text, when the same is done by
createDocument() smoothly , I became eager to know its
implementation...thats all.

Also I am not comfortable using Poifs APIs (new comer)  so didn know where
to look at.

Thanks & Regards

                      "Ryan Ackley"                                                      
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                      om>                       <poi-dev@jakarta.apache.org>    
                      05/29/03 09:46 PM        Subject:  Re: HDF                         
                      Please respond to                                                  
                      "POI Developers                                                    

> My doubt is where is the implementation of that OLE STream,
> since POIFS is full open source , some where I should Find that
> implementation right??.

It is in cvs. I don't have time to show you exactly where, but I am
absolutely completely 100% positive it is in CVS. You seem to be implying
are hiding something from you. This irritates me.

> I mean where are the actual streams (for Ms Doc) created & written...i
> all those FIB , main stream etc...

Like I said, these are not written. The only thing written are the bytes
containing.the plain text. Word can obvioulsy read this as a plain text

> Also How does createDocument() method or its implementation knows the
> byteArrayInputStream being passed is just text data,

Here is a quick review of what POIFS did when you called this method:

directory.createDocument("WordDocument", bais);

POIFS created an OLE stream called "WordDocument" and wrote the contents of
bais to the stream. THATS ALL!!! There is no FIB or FKPs, etc. Do you

Ryan Ackley

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