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From "Ryan Ackley" <sack...@cfl.rr.com>
Subject Re: HDF Object model
Date Fri, 02 May 2003 13:58:20 GMT

> In all seriousness, I can squeeze in some time to work in this area.  As a
> first step I would like to put together a rough object model and perhaps a
> few (simple) use cases or user stories covering how someone might want to
> use the HDF package.  This would be a good way to achieve consensus on how
> programmers might use it and how it would be structured.

For a start, the use case I had in mind when I originally wrote what is
there now was document conversion. i.e. convert from word to pdf, word to
html, etc.

I have seen a lot of interest in mail merge. I don't what exactly mail merge
is. But I have seen a lot of interest... :-)

We need to post something to the user list and see if we get any feedback.

> What's a good medium for exchanging object models?  I noticed that there's
> an ArgoUML model (poi.argo) sitting in ./src/models.  However, Argo v0.12
> can't open it.  There is also an xmi file (poi.xmi) sitting in the same
> directory.  Argo v0.12 can open it - but like all xmi representations it
> doesn't contain diagrams.  I also noticed that these files are quite old
> have never been modified (all are still sitting at r1.1.1.1).

Argo and Fujaba are the only two free UML tools I know of.  I haven't used
Fujaba but I have found Argo to be very very buggy. One annoying problem is
that the files seem to get corrupted very easily. I am sure nobody cares
what you use as long as it is created with a product that is freely

> We can always start a new ArgoUML model for this work.

+1 definitely

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