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From Glen Stampoultzis <gst...@iinet.net.au>
Subject Re: New branch
Date Tue, 08 Apr 2003 05:27:24 GMT
At 02:13 AM 8/04/2003, you wrote:
>Glen Stampoultzis wrote:
>>As part of my work on the build system I've created a branch tagged 
>>I'll be doing a lot of commits into this branch Real Soon Now (tm).
>>I'll let you all know when it's in a decent state.
>Feel free to bug me if you need any centipede help/fixes

Thanks for the offer but I've actually moved to ant+forrest with the 
intention of moving back to centipede when there's a stable released build 
available.  I would have liked to go with centipede but at the moment 
there's some requirements that need to be worked out first.

1. We need to work against a released version.
2. We need support for multiple src tree's with dependencies between them 
and multiple resulting jar files.
3. It has to be a very simple "out-of-the-box" experience.
4. Has to work with gump.

Centipede current meets some of these requirements but not all of 
them.  When it meets all of them I'll look into switching back.  It 
shouldn't be a tough job to switch back since I'm using forrest 0.4.

Glen Stampoultzis

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