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From "Andrew C. Oliver" <acoli...@apache.org>
Subject Re: POI community has voted to set up a news service
Date Thu, 10 Apr 2003 14:10:19 GMT
>Perfect. Situation clear now. Going to the fridge to get a cold beer.
>Thanks for clarifying (though expect to get requests for such
>clarification for future projects too :-).
>By the way, and not related to any infrastructure roles or other official
>hats - it personally worries me a little that I see this many 'I's or
>'me's in your description.
I'm the only POI committer that currently has access to nagoya.  If 
you're able/willing to rectify that, then I becomes 'we'.  I guess I was 
trying to sneak by without the inevitable debate on how many accounts we 
want to have on nagoya. :-)

>I understand from the vote that this was a project taken on by the whole
>of poi-dev@... so ideally you want to spread the load. Do not forget that
>there is a real world out there where people get sick, where other
>commitments to live and family may cause volunteers to need to fill in for
>each other.
Great.  Please follow this up with accounts on Nagoya for Glen 
Stampoultzis, Danny Mui.  Then the I becomes 'we' and I'm not just 
saying it to follow a protocol :-)

>As a community we should not have too many single points of failure and
>anythingw we build should last longer than any individual volunteer. To me
>personally that is one of the key aspects of ASF values and culture.
>Thats a community thing of course - but do give it some thoughd.
Sure man.  You do realize you're never getting rid of me right? ;-p

Thank you kindly,



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