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From Toshiaki Kamoshida <kamoshida.toshi...@future.co.jp>
Subject Re: [Bug 17126] - [RFE]Encapsulate Font and CellStyle records managed as Flyweight into org.apache.poi.hssf.usermodel package
Date Fri, 04 Apr 2003 03:54:49 GMT
Because I can't use english very well,sorry if I misunderstand...
What you said is;
"Even POI commiters or developers didn't understand about all 
contrib modules"?
Is there only source files from contributors on CVS?Hmm...

Are you feel there is some problems about that I suggested,too?
If you feel "No",please dispose this mail:D

And If you feel "Yes",please select one,
which is good way to solve the problem for POI?

Move the class HSSFCellUtil to usermodel package.
This is EASY solution to solve it for users.The class is very
simple and powerful implementation to solve the problem,I feel.
The cost is;
(1)The class is using jakarta-commons.So,The cange causes that
POI needs jakarta-commons.
(2)Developers must maintain the class.
(3)The danger is not erased.If user call HSSFCell#getCellStyle()
and change properties of it directly,same problem will happen.
Developers sould announce to use the class when users want to 
change ONE cell's property individually.

Re-Implement to encapsulate the problem fully into usermodel package.
The cost is;
(1)Full implementation to hide the problem from users is NOT so 
easy...The structure will be a little complicated.
(2)Some classes and methods will be added.The cost to maintain is 
larger than 1.

If you select 1,because I can't use english well,so please make
comments about the class to users...
If you select 2,I will join your heck(?) and try to make patches.
I'm just a poor programmer,but I have some ideas and enough times,
I feel:D

On Thu, 03 Apr 2003 21:34:17 -0500
"Andrew C. Oliver" <acoliver@apache.org> wrote:

> That which contributed "contrib" did not contrib associated
> documentation. Perhaps you could help us out. Perhaps by submitting
> patches. perhaps on the wiki if you don't have time.
> http://nagoya.apache.org/wiki/apachewiki.cgi?POIProjectPages
> The contrib module isn't held to the same standard as the rest of the
> API, so they don't HAVE to document the heck out of it like we try to
> with the rest.
> -Andy


Toshiaki Kamoshida


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