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From "Robert Paris" <rpj...@hotmail.com>
Subject Re: Bug 17208 - WordDocument Problem: createListTables - Negative Array Size
Date Mon, 03 Mar 2003 23:23:12 GMT
Sorry on the POI vs HDF thing, yes I meant HDF.

>Umm...  Lets do this the other way around.  You see code with comments, you 
>email it to me, I'll explain what it means.  (Me searching through the 
>megabytes of code and finding comments to translate and sending them 
>well...won't happen real soon ;-) )

No problem, that works for me.

>Why do you think we call this Horrible Document Format.

Couldn't agree more. And apparently MS agrees, since everything is moving to 
Java, oh wait I mean, C#. And if you look at their examples/documentation on 
C#, they're now coding in a similar manner to Java developers/standards.

>Note that you cannot contribute if you have ever recieved any information 
>/sourcecode under NDA from microsoft or if you have illegally received such 
>information from a third party which was bound by that type of agreement.  
>(Basically don't do illegal stuff).

No problem there. I have not nor do I ever have the intention of looking at 
any MS code. The spec web page was bad enough.

>Contribute comments and patches and you'll be a committer in no time! :-)

I'll do my best.


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