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From "Andrew C. Oliver" <acoli...@apache.org>
Subject Re: template questions, and more....
Date Wed, 19 Feb 2003 16:28:01 GMT
Steve wrote:

>I've been doing some development with 1.5.1.  My code will be part of
>a production release on about March 20.  Can I safely use a later release, 
>with more features?
I would reasonably expect you to be able to.  I would take a few samples 
of your expected inputs and write some junit tests around them to make 
sure if I were you. 

>Is there a list of new features/capabilities in each release subsequent to 1.5.1?
it is not comprehensive but here: 

>I want to use the POI API to read in Excel "templates" and modify them,
>and write out the results to a new xls file. I understand the concepts.
>In doing this, it would be helpful to be able to use "named cells" in the
>Excel template, and then be able to use the POI API to search for a
>particular "name", to locate the row and column number of the cell
>that I want to modify. Is this capability part of a future release?
The only thing is that the naming code needs to be (still or did someone 
do this yet?) refactored.  Again, unit tests with expected inputs and 
outputs is the best approach to judgement as to whether this is at least 
ready enough for your needs. 

>I can "concoct" a sloppy solution, by putting special "tag" values in
>the template, and then search for them, but a nice API for this would
>be helpful.
yes.  I suspect either solution will work.  If it were me, I'd go for 
the latter (named range) and contribute fixes and bug reports for things 
that didn't work.  I prefer working close to the head of most projects 
as I feel it is less risky than waiting and having to integrate later.  
Late adoption has its own inherent risks and costs.

>In 1.5.1, I don't see how I can add/inset an existing populated HSSFSheet object
>to an existing HSSFWorkbook.  This would be helpful.  I may want to
>put together a HSSFWorksheet by adding several HSSFSheet objects
>that I "get" from several different templates (HSSFWorkbooks).
Yeah, I think you can do this in the nightly builds.  Shawn I think 
contributed this and can answer with more authoratively.



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