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From Christofer Dutz <>
Subject Re: Short wrap-up of this Weekend
Date Sun, 05 May 2019 20:37:17 GMT
Hi Julian,

Thank you for that excellent summary. In the last two hours I had a little chat with the guys
from the European commission. Seems they liked how we help the small businesses participate
in the Innovation. Will probably post more tomorrow ... In the train and still I almost can't
keep my eyes open ;-)

Totally exhausted, I am ;-)


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From: Julian Feinauer <>
Sent: Sunday, May 5, 2019 7:47:42 PM
Subject: Short wrap-up of this Weekend

Hi all,

hi to (hopefully) some new people on the list, hi to all attendees of the FOSSA Hackathon
in Brussels and also Hi to all others who had to stay at home.
As we are currently driving home I wanted to give everybody a short wrap-up of what happened
in the project and what things we talked about (well, 95% in fact was simply bullshit… but
the 5%...).

Most notably we have a first Version of the C# (or .NET) Api finished by Björn and merged
by Chris, so big props to those two!
Then, Tim did a lot of refactoring for the Scraper (where we really rely on…) so thanks
to Tim. I guess the PR will come in one or two days.
Lukasz spent some time in fixing the Karaf integration and made quite some progress, as far
as I understood it (you know, the shortest programmer joke “nearly done”…). So hopefully,
we can also celebrate his first PR very soon.
Other than that, lovely Chris gave some new people an introduction to PLC4X and we had several
people hanging around with us and coding a bit around.
Of course Niklas has to be named who did his first PR after sitting with us for some MINUTES,
so this definetly is a record (Lukasz needed about 2 years… I guess :P ).
Finally, Chris, Björn and I spend some time on the Code Generation thing and we are in quite
good state as we are able to nicely generate POJOs in Java and Python (well I guess in Python
those are not Pojos… how are they called? POPOs? (that’s the german word for butt)).
So it seems reasonable that we can soon(tm) generate some serialization / deserialization
automatically for DFDL files. As Chris already finished those for S7 this would be a HUGE
step forward.

So after all, it was a really nice weekend with really nice beer and really short nights and
a lot of fun and community and I can only come to one conlusion… we need more Hackathons
with our community.
So I’m open for any suggestions (Mallorca?) and I’m looking really forward to our next
meetup which will be awesome!


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