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From Julian Feinauer <>
Subject Re: [DriverGen] Perhaps another approach for getting started with the driver gen
Date Thu, 16 May 2019 06:17:39 GMT
Hey Chris,

I think every approach that brings us nearer our goal is good at that time : )
I tried the same thing with modbus and ended up doing it "imperative", see the confluence
page I did for that:
But I'm really looking forward for your results, as I do not like my approach there, I just
think that it could work out.


PS.: Which Matthias do you mean? As our community is growing bigger and bigger, I get totally
confused :D

Am 16.05.19, 08:14 schrieb "Christofer Dutz" <>:

    yesterday in a little chat with Matthias he pointed out something that’s both super
sensible and super simple. So I would like to share that.
    Instead of focusing on formally specifying a language to provide specs in any format at
all, we could come up with some imaginary format and write documents.
    A parser for that and the formal definition could be implemented after that.
    This would first of all let us write up something and check all the special cases before
having to implement the parser.
    Will definitely start writing a S7 spec in Confluence now :)

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