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From Rolf Wutzke <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] The State and Future of PLC4X
Date Mon, 06 May 2019 06:41:09 GMT
Hi Julian,

thanks for adding us here.
We are currently not working with PLC4X but the topic looks quite
promissing to jump onto. At the moment we have a lot of PLX connection
implementations done by our own which is ... work.

Are there any news in regard to the meetup date? I put my availability in
the doodle, would be really happy to discuss the topic face-2-face with the


Am Do., 18. Apr. 2019 um 10:29 Uhr schrieb Julian Feinauer <>:

> Hi all,
> Fedlbus is a good Keyword.
> Yesterday I met with Ralf Koelle and Rolf Wutzke from scitis / sotec and
> they were quite interested in these two.
> @Ralf, @Rolf: I took the freedom to take you in CC. Do you already have a
> working stack for these protocols?
> Julian
> Am 18.04.19, 10:14 schrieb "Bjoern Hoeper" <>:
>     Hi erveryone,
>     I agree with Markus because OPC UA is somewhat universal. If we want
> something open source there is a stack which is quite evolved already:
> it is maintained by a bunch of
> institutes (one of them is the Process Control Institute in Aachen). So we
> should at least think about an adapter to OPC UA. The thing we would need
> to prove is that we can really get faster than the vendor OPC UA server.
>     Another thing that I think is promising and needed is adaptation to
> field bus systems like Profinet and EtherCAT because they provide good
> performance and a quite general applicability. And are at least not vendor
> specific.
>     Best Regards
>     Björn
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>     Von: Markus Sommer <>
>     Gesendet: Donnerstag, 18. April 2019 09:06
>     An:
>     Betreff: AW: [DISCUSS] The State and Future of PLC4X
>     Hi all,
>     I was at the Hannovermesse and the industry clearly relies on OPC UA.
> If PLC4x could realize a very fast OPC UA, this would be a massive
> advantage over other manufacturers.
>     Best regards
>     Markus
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>     Von: Julian Feinauer <>
>     Gesendet: Mittwoch, 17. April 2019 09:07
>     An:
>     Betreff: [DISCUSS] The State and Future of PLC4X
>     Hi all,
>     as we had a lot of non-technical discussions and topics the last time
> (the coming of age of a software project, I guess) it’s time for us to go
> back to the real fun part and do technical shit.
>     I had a lot of discussions (on list and off list) with several people
> like Chris, Matthias, Björn, Tim and others and wanted to share my thoughts
> on the future of PLC4X as I see it (from a solely technical perspective).
>     Currently, I see several “fronts” or centers of activity (or where I
> think we should spend it).
>       *   Language adoption – We should define and deliver APIs and
> bindings for other languages to bring what we currently have to other
> people and other communities. The activities we have there are currently
> (from my head): Markus and C++, Björn who wanted to investigate C# and the
> “Interop Server” which I played around a bit (in fact, Matthias made a
> python binding yesterday…)
>       *   Driver Generation – This is a well-known Topic which is
> currently driven by Chris. This is a large topic, which includes
>          *   Model Generation (currently dfdl and state-xml)
>          *   Templates for many languages (will partially derive from
> above)
>          *   A build process, to wire both together
>          *   Some kind of Test Suite to check the correct generation of
> drivers
>          *   Automated Documentation / Spec Generation (!!
>       *   Ecosystem / Tools – We have a set of tools that are based on
> PLC4X and which enable to do things which where unthinkable before. Some are
>          *   Scraper – A tool to scrape massive amounts of data from
> multiple PLCs based on a yml configuration, this is mostly driven by Tim
>          *   OPC UA Server – Yet to come. Maps OPC UA requests to PLC4X
> requests which then go native to the PLCs. Matthias started some work on
> this, Tim looked over it and I think Chris plans on implementing something
> here also
>          *   We had multiple discussions about tools that “guess”
> something about locations of variables or their types. Chris brought that
> up yesterday and plans to do something there, Matthias and I discussed this
> several times and we plan to also do something with one or two students
> there
>       *   New programming models – As plc4x is open, it allows us to
> implement new programming models on top of it. The best example I can give
> is OPM, the JPA equivalent of PLC4X. The idea is to work with POJOs and
> annotations and EntityManagers (as Beans) and have a “type safe” and
> Business-esque way to communicate with PLCs.
>     Here I see a lot of potential and possible next steps could be
> (discussed by Matthias and me)
>          *   “Richer” Typesystem (not just primitives and Arrays as
> currently) which covers complex objects
>          *   Mapping of complex objects from POJOs to PLC segments (Like
> structs in S7 or ADS)
>          *   Auto-generation of annotated POJOs from PLC programs (much
> like JPA or the C# ORM does that based on an existing database). This could
> be a “killer-feature” as it would really allow type-safe end to end
> communication with the plc with zero plc specific knowledge
>     Other Topics in this area that can be named are
>          *   A connection pool to share / reuse connections for efficiency
> (which was implemented by Sebastian and is absolutely crucial for us!)
>          *   A central monitoring component (similar to how a Webserver
> monitors each side access and the results and latencies and so..), I am
> currently working on this and hope to provide a PR soon
>     Of course, all of this is solely based on my personal opinion or
> things that came out in discussions with other involved people.
>     For me, this structure makes sense and perhaps it helps us to
> “broaden” our scope a bit from the initial focus (drivers, drivers,
> drivers) to the new picture which evolved over the last to years.
>     Of course, feel free to agree, disagree or participate with other
> opinions.
>     Julian
>     PS.: I could offer to bring this in a more “presentable” form and
> prepare a short “overview” talk about this for the next meetup, if
> interesting

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