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From Julian Feinauer <>
Subject Re: Approaching the European Commission for some help?
Date Tue, 07 May 2019 13:41:08 GMT
Usually it should be the germans taking the 2 years because they make it REALLY well engineered...

Am 07.05.19, 15:30 schrieb "" <>:

    You can count me in. :-) My 10 years old freelancing business ( <>),
and our micro ltd/gmbg ( <>) which is few months
old are, all are deeply interested in moving these things forward.
    Making better use of software to integrate hardware and machinery is very interesting
perspective which we will definitely explore - with EU help or without (yes, it will take
us 2+ years to make first PR ;-)).
    > On 7 May 2019, at 15:00, Christofer Dutz <> wrote:
    > Hehe,
    > if Lukasz joins in, we'll have multiple countries ;-)
    > Chris
    > Am 07.05.19, 14:53 schrieb "Markus Sommer" <>:
    >    Hey Chris,
    >    I agree with Julian, the EU projects are mostly bigger. Also several EU countries
have to participate in the EU projects.
    >    I think the idea is good, now I have to clarify the boundary conditions and build
up the successful project setup (university, end user etc.). 
    >    We currently have a German project funded by the BMBF and in September we will
carry out our first EU-funded project with 5-6 EU states on the topic of offline debugging
of neural networks and online validation of self-learning systems in production.
    >    We would also participate.
    >    Markus
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    >    -----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
    >    Von: Julian Feinauer <> 
    >    Gesendet: Dienstag, 7. Mai 2019 14:28
    >    An:
    >    Betreff: Re: Approaching the European Commission for some help?
    >    Hi Chris,
    >    I like the idea and in fact, as stated earlier on the list, there is a project
funded by the german government (SFSC) together with Matthias Institute where we plan to do
some PLC4X development and integration.
    >    The EU founded projects are usually larger but also harder to acquire, so it will
be a LOT of paperwork, but could be worth it if we make a nice proposal and outline a really
feasible solution (not only covering plc4x but also some "end-user-usable" thing, or so).
    >    And, we should gather several "assoziated" partners which explain their interest
in what we want to do.
    >    And of course good university support. So perhaps the ISW (Matthias) and also
the WZL Aachen (Björn has good contacts) and the IFQ Magdeburg (we have good contacts) could
be good universitary partners for such a project.
    >    So pragmatic minds or pragmatic industries would be in, I guess.
    >    Julian
    >    Am 07.05.19, 14:23 schrieb "Christofer Dutz" <>:
    >        Hi all,
    >        while attending the EU FOSSA2 Hackathon in Brussles last weekend I had the
chance to talk with some guys from the European Comission and they really liked how we are
enabling small and mid-sized companies to participate in the Industry 4.0 sector.
    >        They also promised to help us where they can.
    >        While this is usually just something people say to be nice … some further
thinking lead me to the idea that we might approach them and ask for some options for EU funded
    >        I guess we all work for some company (or are self employed) … we could try
to apply for some funds in as a collective.
    >        You think that’s a good idea?
    >        Chris

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