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From Christofer Dutz <>
Subject Re: Introduction Veronika
Date Mon, 06 May 2019 13:19:07 GMT
Hi All,

first of all, a very warm welcome Veronika :-)
Really happy I managed to spark her interest. I know I tried working on this multiple times,
but I always noticed my brain isn't wired the right way for that ;-)
Data-Scientists are much better at such problems ...

@Julian Feinauer ... nope ... no jira yet, but we should create one ... I'll take care of

And to all others, please let me explain a little more what Veronika is going to try to do:

Almost all protocols support asking for multiple items in one request. However the size of
a request is usually limited.

Now there are multiple possible optimizations possible:
- Aggregate items that are close to each other (Instead of reading multiple bytes which are
located in close proximity, load one byte array instead)
- Rearange the items so request and response are filled to the maximum 
- Split the request up into multiple requests

For the S7 driver I had implemented the last part, but not the others. 

Instead of implementing this for one protocol (as I did for S7) she's going to try to implement
this in a generic fashion so we can add this as a layer in all Java drivers (can port things
to other languages later). Currently all protocols except s7 read each item in a single request,
which is highly imperformant.

Really looking forward to this feature :-)


´╗┐Am 06.05.19, 15:03 schrieb "Julian Feinauer" <>:

    Hi Veronika,
    happy to hear from you (Chris announced since day one that you will come one day to solve
this problem).
    So I guess his prophecy just came true!
    Really looking forward to your code as there are also some other optimizations we would
like to do (like collapsing identical fields in requests and so).
    And your work will be an excellent first step!
    PS: @Chris: do we have a Jira for that? If not, I can create one
    Am 06.05.19, 15:01 schrieb "Veronika Schindler" <>:
        Hey everyone!
        Chris won me over to PLC4X :)
        I will set out to optimize the requests to a plc, so that request and
        response size are optimally used.

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