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From Julian Feinauer <>
Subject Re: [generation] Another approach to generated drivers
Date Mon, 29 Apr 2019 10:48:52 GMT
Hi Justin,

I see your concerns and I agree that I still have to learn some things about the "Apache Way"
and this "do it all in the open" philosophy, thus this is a good discussion.
But, I guess we get rid of the discussion if we do the following
- generate a PLC4X branch where all the development takes place (=> everything is ASF licensed)
- keep the paper source in the separate repo and, if necessary, reference code snippets from
PLC4X Repo (with clear license)

The point where I disagree is that the paper writing should be in the open for several reasons
- it is not a paper of the PLC4X Community, it is a paper highlighting thinks strongly related
to PLC4X
- the paper is written by several individuals which may or may not be of the community
- I want to invite everybody with interest to participate (chris already has access) but no
one is automatically part of this separate thing due to being PMC or something
- It is absolutely usual to do paper writing in the private and upload the results (artefacts)
on ArXiv and submit them to the journal otherwise you always risk someone copying stuff from
you and submitting it without jour notice (which may be an issue from the license side but
which should be pretty hard and complicated to proof and which would almost surely damage
your paper aswell)

On other project lists sometimes someone shares a preprint of a related Paper when its in
the preprint stage.
As we are a small and very vital community I wanted to offer everybody to participate in this,
to not feel like "stealing" ideas that others expressed on these lists but to give them the
credit they deserve.

I hope that we can all agree on something like that?


Am 29.04.19, 12:34 schrieb "Justin Mclean" <>:

    > some clarification... this repo currently hosts two things... some code snippets
(really messy) and the draft version for the paper (like really really early draft).
    If any of the code appears in the paper and is not clearly licensed under a compatible
license then it’s unlikely PLC4X can use it.
    > And I also want to avoid that someone just takes the paper and submits it somewhere
with his own name as author…
    And the problem with that is? Even under the most permissive licenses they generally need
to acknowledge the original copyright owners.
    > But I wanted to share also this Paper effort with the community to give everybody
the chance to participate in this paper as it is so strongly related to plc4x.
    IMO Putting it in a private repo is not sharing it with the community but the choice to
do so is yours.

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