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From Christofer Dutz <>
Subject Re: Revive Edgent with some new (and cool) features
Date Mon, 04 Mar 2019 09:32:07 GMT
Hi Julian,

I think the scraper is a good fit for PLC4X where it is right now. What could be a good option
(I guess Tim is working on refactoring the scraper right now), would be to really introduce
different "trigger" implementations.
The Timer to be the one achieving what it currently does, and provide an integration-module
in Edgent that uses the PLC4X Scraper and provides a custom trigger implementation to integrate
into the "pull" or "push" of Edgent.

You think that would be possible too?

I think the scraper is a great tool on its own and I would like to not enforce people to have
to dig into Edgent too just in order to have the standalone PLC4X scraper running.

Besides that, I +1 one the other suggestions.

However I also agree (Not mentioned in your mail, but previous ones) that we should move the
Edgent connector from the PLC4X project to Edgent project.


Am 04.03.19, 09:34 schrieb "Julian Feinauer" <>:

    Hi community,
    as I finished some private projects, I feel like I have some time and new energy to spend
more efforts to edgent.
    I have several ideas on how we can kick off the project again and would like to share
/ discuss them with you guys.
      *   First, I suggest that we add adapters (similar to the IotpDevice for IBM Watson)
for other relevant Cloud plattforms, like Azure, Google, AWS, … .
      *   Second, we open sourced our Framework CRUNCH for industrial analytics late last
year [1]. I would like to integrate it in edgent to allow more refined edge analytics.
      *   Third, I think a good place for something like the PLC Scraper (from plc4x [2])
(perhaps with some configuration stuff as standalone) is Edgent. So we could build complete
pipelines there from connecting to the plc over analytics with crunch to some kind of storage
(local, cloud)
      *   Finally, the iotdb project [3] which recently joined the incubator is doing really
great stuff and it would be good to also integrate it in edgent as a sink (and source). I
see main purposes here, one as a buffer (think of kafka) and second as archive store.
    I’m cross posting this mail to the lists for edgent, plc4x and iotdb to let all communities
know but please reply to this mail only on the EDGENT list, as I think its best to keep the
discussion here.
    What do you think of these ideas?
    And perhaps we can also win some contributors of the other projects (crunch, plc4x, iotdb)
to support these efforts.

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