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From Christofer Dutz <>
Subject Re: [DRAFT] April Incubator Report ...
Date Tue, 26 Mar 2019 07:18:11 GMT
Well as far as I understood the question:
"Three most important unfinished issues to address before graduating"
It doesn't mean that we will stop focusing on growing the community, just that there's nothing
big preventing us from becoming a TLP.
Growing the community will be one of our primary goals for the next few years ;-)

But that's just my point of view.


Am 26.03.19, 08:08 schrieb "Julian Feinauer" <>:

    Hi Chris,
    I think the report ist good.
    The only position where I'm unsure is the formulation "Building the community: Even if
we have managed to attract a diverse community, it can always be some more people.".
    This formulation is a bit "weak" from my perspective, as we currently (from my perspective)
are really a bit low on contributors.
    Am 25.03.19, 10:34 schrieb "Christofer Dutz" <>:
        Hi all,
        It’s reporting time again … so I whipped up a new report.
        Please feel free to comment on it.
        PLC4X is a set of libraries for communicating with industrial programmable
        logic controllers (PLCs) using a variety of protocols but with a shared API.
        PLC4X has been incubating since 2017-12-18.
        Three most important unfinished issues to address before graduating:
        1.  Building the community: Even if we have managed to attract a diverse
        community, it can always be some more people.
        Any issues that the Incubator PMC (IPMC) or ASF Board wish/need to be
        aware of?
          Not at the moment.
        How has the community developed since the last report?
          Previously added PPMC/Committers have setup and the onboarding process
          has been pretty successful. One new name has showed up on the list
          demonstrating willingness to help with the website and documentation.
          Now in total 3 people have demonstrated the ability to perform releases.
          We are currently tying up some loose ends and preparing everything to
          start the graduation vote in the next few weeks. All of this has been
          consuming quite some time.
          Christofer is working hard on implementing a first POC for a tooling to
          generate drivers from DFDL and SCXML specifications, which will greatly
          simplify driver implementation as well as make it possible to generate
          drivers for multiple target languages, such as C++.
          We have had a meetup in Nürtingen on 15th of February which a great part
          of the active PPMC and committers attended. Beyond that on 21th of February
          Christofer had a talk on PLC4X at EURegJug in Aachen, on 8th of March in
          - Releases:
            - 0.3.0 RC2: 05.02.2019 (RM: Julian Feinauer)
            - 0.3.1 RC1: 13.03.2019 (RM: Julian Feinauer, but Tim Mitsch actually did it)
          - Mailing-list Subscriptions: 43 (up by 1)
          - Twitter followers: 130 (up by 16)
          - GitHub stars: 52 (up by 10)
          No new POCs have been performed this period however another company has
          shifted to using PLC4X as main integration platform in their analytics
          software. Also a consortium of 3 companies and the ISW from Stuttgart
          University received a positive response to a project proposal that was
          supported for the funding program "KMU Innovativ" at BMBF German ministry
          of education and research. PLC4X will play an important role in the project
          for communication with industrial controllers and will be integrated by the
          industrial partner pragmatic minds GmbH which is represented in the (P)PMC
          by Julian Feinauer.
        How would you assess the podling's maturity?
        Please feel free to add your own commentary.
          [ ] Initial setup
          [ ] Working towards first release
          [ ] Community building
          [X] Nearing graduation
          [ ] Other:
        Date of last release:
          2019-03-13 0.3.1 RC1
        When were the last committers or PPMC members elected?
          2019-02-04 Tim Mitsch (PPMC and committer)
        Have your mentors been helpful and responsive or are things falling
        through the cracks? In the latter case, please list any open issues
        that need to be addressed.
          They have been very helpful. Especially regarding questions about
          graduating, Justin has been particularly helpful in pointing out
          some missing things.

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