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From Tim Mitsch <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Release Strategy for future releases
Date Sun, 10 Mar 2019 15:50:48 GMT
Hello everybody,

I'll agree with Chris as well as with Julian ... think lots of people are under heavy load
in incubator so high release frequency won't be the best solution as long as we are an incubating
On the other hand we should take care about not releasing in too less frequency to make interested
people more interested in what we're doing and make feature available as early as possible.
As already said ... I think we should create a more or less regular release-interval when
we are graduated.

As I had a look on Julian doing 0.3.1 release procedure I think I can do the RM for next release
which I think will be 0.4.0 (maybe end of April or beginning of may).
If there is nothing against it I'll start to prepare a feature list and opening a new topic
on mailing-list for that as well as creating the regarding jira-tickets.


Am 06.03.19, 21:55 schrieb "Julian Feinauer" <>:

    Hey Otto,
    fair point. I think we should to decide a new release strategy. But if we consider to
keep it as it is now we should not have to vote.
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    Betreff: Re: [DISCUSS] Release Strategy for future releases
    Von: Otto Fowler
    An:,Christofer Dutz
    Shouldn’t you call an official vote for something like this?
    On March 6, 2019 at 15:29:18, Christofer Dutz (
    Big +1 for that ;-)
    Am 06.03.19, 21:26 schrieb "Julian Feinauer" <>:
    Hi Chris,
    No offense. I agree that we should not stress those lovely people more than
    So we keep our aim on 0.4 (with whatever accumulates till then) for now and
    start regular releases when graduated.
    Is this a plan?
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    Betreff: Re: [DISCUSS] Release Strategy for future releases
    Von: Christofer Dutz
    Hi Julian,
    I would +1 this, but please have one thing in Mind ... every release we do
    requires us to check it (of course) ... but also we have to have people in
    the Incubator also validate these releases.
    Some people there are under heavy load and I would not like to increase
    this load too much.
    But how about starting with that as soon as we have left the incubator? I
    would really like that.
    Am 06.03.19, 09:15 schrieb "Julian Feinauer" <>:
    Hi all,
    perhaps some may find this email too early (as we are still in the process
    of doing a Release) but I want to ask / discuss about how we plan to do
    releases in the future.
    Up till now, they were were infrequent due to the early stage of the
    project but now I think we have stabilized well, we have stable APIs and
    mostly new features coming in.
    One problem we had most of the time was, that we had to work on “forked
    releases” because the last official release lacked (newer) features we
    Thus, I suggest that we start to release more often or even on a regular
    schedule (like e.g. Calcite does it) to ship the new features soon.
    Also this could help us, to teach more people how to release / rm.
    As we are mostly shipping features, there’s nothing speaking against doing
    minor (i.e. compatible) releases which makes it really easy for users to
    Perhaps, we could aim for monthly releases (if we have things to release)
    and already start the setup for that. I am really eager to get the PLC4X-88
    (Triggered Scraper) merged and then shipped!
    Next would then be 0.3.2 in early April.
    What do you think of that concrete and more general?
    PS.: If we move forward with graduation the release process is also
    becoming a bit easier, as there’s only one vote necessary (and no longer
    the second vote from the IPMC)

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