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From Roger and Beth Whitcomb <RogerandB...@rbwhitcomb.com>
Subject Re: Upcoming 2.0.5 release
Date Tue, 13 Jun 2017 15:10:12 GMT
Hi Jérôme,

     So far since Java 9 is not released yet, and the plans for the 
module system are still going through the JSR approval process (see: 
https://jaxenter.com/jigsaw-vote-java-9-interview-134091.html), I 
haven't tried to address anything with Java 9 yet.  I have run our own 
large Pivot application with a very early release of Java 9 (without the 
module system) and it worked fine.  Do you have specifics of things that 
don't work or you think need enhancement?

     As far as browser support goes ..... That would be entirely on 
Oracle's side.  There is absolutely nothing we could do without Java 
support for something other than the older browser plugin. But see here 
that this will be deprecated in Java 9: 
https://www.java.com/en/download/faq/jdk9_plugin.xml I have tested and 
Java Web Start still works with Pivot, so that is one option we still 
have....  Some browsers still work (Safari if you enable it, Firefox if 
you jump through hoops, Internet Explorer (but not Edge)).  Do you have 
other specific questions?


On 6/13/17 12:21 AM, Jérôme Serré wrote:
> Hello Roger,
> Thank you for that.
> I would like to know if it is planned, on your side, to manage the 
> compatibility to java 9 on the one hand and the non-compatibility with 
> browsers in general on the other hand ?
> Thank you.
> Best Regards,
> Jérôme Serré
> *From:*Roger Whitcomb [mailto:Roger.Whitcomb@actian.com]
> *Sent:* mardi 13 juin 2017 02:08
> *To:* 'dev@pivot.apache.org' <dev@pivot.apache.org>; Pivot Users 
> <user@pivot.apache.org>
> *Subject:* Upcoming 2.0.5 release
> Hi all,
>                 I have pushed out the remaining issues assigned to me 
> for the 2.0.5 version, leaving only the code-signing issue for Sandro. 
>  So, we’d like to start the process of getting 2.0.5 out the door.  
> There are many bug fixes in this release (including the show-stopper 
> Version parsing bug from Java 8u131…), so it will be good to have this 
> release done.
>                 I have also been making a ton of changes for 2.1 to 
> support the Input Method Editors (for Far-Eastern language support) 
> for TextInput, TextArea, and TextPane, as well as a lot of internal 
> code improvements, including fixing the Nashorn scripting engine (Java 
> 8) compatibility.  So, this will be a good release as well, but 
> probably not ready for another few months.
> Thanks,
> *Roger Whitcomb *

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