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From Karel Hübl <karel.h...@gemsystem.cz>
Subject RE: Anyone using ...?
Date Tue, 20 Jan 2015 14:27:57 GMT
Hi Roger,


We plan to use Pivot with Groovy in our next project. Expected use cases:

-        Use closures instead of annonymous inner classes adapting common
Pivot interfaces - typically component listeners, asynchronous actions

-        Use groovy beans for property bindable models. Now we use POJO's,
so we need to implement model POJO, model property listener and property
change notification in POJO. We expect, we could intercept property changes
in Groovy using GroovyInterceptable.setProperty() and implement
org.apache.pivot.collections.Map on groovy bean parent / trait. The goal is
to be able to declare strictly properties on groovy model classes and do not
implement (boilerplate) support for Pivot property change notifications.


May be, the first use case could be somehow supported in future Pivot
versions. I mean Pivot developers could have option to handle events of
Pivot components by setting Lambda (Closure) handlers instead of
implementing and registering custom listeners.


Regards Karel

From: Roger Whitcomb [mailto:Roger.Whitcomb@actian.com] 
Sent: Friday, January 16, 2015 12:21 AM
To: Pivot Users; 'dev@pivot.apache.org'
Subject: Anyone using ...?



                I'm curious about anyone using Pivot with either Java 8
Lambdas, or using Pivot with Scala or Groovy.  If you are could you let us
know with a few comments about your experiences (good or bad)?

                Basically thinking about changes / extensions to Pivot that
we could work on for future versions to more easily / compactly support
these newer languages.



~Roger Whitcomb


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