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From Nick Makes <npm...@yahoo.com>
Subject Custom Themes
Date Thu, 09 Oct 2014 14:45:37 GMT
So I've been playing around with the Color Scheme Builder and installing various *theme.json
files at runtime. However, I'm running into an issue with my darker themes. 

When I commit to using a dark background, I still see a lot of white space around the app.
Mainly where I have labels or link buttons inside simple containers (flow, box, table, etc.).
The only time a background color displays as I would expect it to is inside an accordion pane
I have installed at the moment. 

In my custom json file for the color theme, I have the "themeIsDark: true" setting listed.
I'm using v2.0.4 for a Pivot version.

Is there a solution to getting everything inside the window a similar colored background?
I would prefer the dark colors, but if that means there will still be places that the white
shows then I'll just revert to using the default. 

For reference, I'll list the custom colors I'm attempting to use at the moment:

Thanks in advance for any assistance you could provide here. 


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