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From Roger and Beth Whitcomb <RogerandB...@rbwhitcomb.com>
Subject Re: Data Binding and Accordion Headers
Date Tue, 30 Sep 2014 00:50:04 GMT
Hey Nick,
     I understand what you're trying to do, but I don't see that 
Accordion's header data has a binding interface, at least not like 
TextInput (for instance) does (see the TextInput#TextBindMapping 
interface).  I believe the default renderer for an Accordion is a Label, 
which also doesn't have a binding interface, but a potential solution is 
to use a custom renderer for the Accordion that incorporates a TextInput 
(in read-only or non-active mode) and then use data binding on that 
component.  Does that make sense?  There is no restriction on what can 
be used as a renderer, so I think this would work, although I'm not sure 
how to set it all up in a bxml file -- you would probably have to code 
this all in Java.

     Let us know if you need more help -- I'm basically writing off the 
top of my head -- haven't tried to make this work.  But, if you need 
more help, I can try to code something up to see.


On 9/29/14 1:21 PM, Nick Makes wrote:
> This may be a simple answer, but I recently tried to use data binding on a Accordion.headerData
attribute I'm setting in the markup I have for a TablePane. I get the error that static properties
are not supported with data binding?
> I feel like I'm just going about trying to associate dynamic text with a component's
header within an Accordion pane the wrong way here. However, as I'm getting my feet wet with
data binding at the moment I figured this could have been a "two stones" moment.
> Any advice?  Basically, I want to associate a ButtonGroup's current selection's ButtonData
and have that be displayed in the Accordion's header bar for that particular pane.
> Any help here would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Nick
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