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From Rendall Koski <rend...@gmail.com>
Subject Meaning of 1* and -1?
Date Thu, 05 Jun 2014 02:10:05 GMT
What do such dimensions as 1*, 2* and -1 mean in BXML?

e.g., from the Table Panes page:

<TablePane.Row height="50">
<Label text="50" styles="{verticalAlignment:'center'}"/>

<TablePane.Row height="-1">
<Label text="-1" styles="{verticalAlignment:'center'}"/>

<TablePane.Row height="1*">
<Label text="1*" styles="{verticalAlignment:'center'}"/>

<TablePane.Row height="2*">
<Label text="2*" styles="{verticalAlignment:'center'}"/>


Forgive me if it's in the docs: I could not find the answer.

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