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From Roger Whitcomb <Roger.Whitc...@actian.com>
Subject RE: Alerts loosing Focus When using Context Menu Items
Date Fri, 14 Feb 2014 19:20:34 GMT
   We had similar problems in our application.  The issue is that the process of closing the
context menu puts focus back on the window it was invoked from, which takes focus away from
the alert or popup or any other dialog, for that matter.  We have a workaround, which involves
a custom skin for the menu popups.
   Maybe you could open up a JIRA issue for your case and we can work on getting a better
fix into the next release.  But, probably we can put the workaround into that issue so you
can try it (at least for now).


From: V SANTOSH PAVAN RAJU Bs [mailto:pavanraju.mca@gmail.com]
Sent: Tuesday, January 28, 2014 10:13 PM
To: user@pivot.apache.org
Subject: Alerts loosing Focus When using Context Menu Items

I am popping up one Alert message using Context Menu Items. Alert is coming fine, But Once
Alert message popped up, it is loosing its Focus. Can Any help me in how to make sure Alert
should not loose focus when they are opened from Context Menu Items. Code that i have used
for this functionality is as follows:

Action.getNamedActions().put("openAction", new Action() {
            public void perform(Component source) {
                Alert.alert("Opening.", MyClass.this.getWindow());
Here MyClass is the Class Name in which iam using this code and this MyClass extends BoxPane
and "openAction" is a Menu.Item .

Thanks & Regards
B.S.V.S.Pavan Raju.
Skype: skype_pavan1

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