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From Sandro Martini <sandro.mart...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Inherited Styles in Sub Components - Resolved
Date Thu, 13 Feb 2014 17:42:59 GMT
Hi Mark,
first sorry for the big delay but hadn't time since some day ago ...

> I have figured out most of my questions answers;] so here they are for others;]
for sure
> I am enjoying working with Pivot more and more as I get used to it;] Bit rough around
the edges but a solid product;]
thank oyu very much, this is our main focus :-) ... but in last months
I had very litle time to work on it, I hope to get some more time now
:-) .

> 1)      How do you set the font size for the tab label in a TabPane?
>         Using buttonFont:"sansserif,size:48,bold:false"  also here is an
> example of most of the things you can set in a tab pane...
> tabpane: {
>         inactiveTabColor:"#339900",
>         borderColor:"#339900",
>         padding:{left:0,right:0,top:0,bottom:0},
>         activeTabColor:"#F5F0F5",
>         buttonColor:"#000000",
>         buttonFont:"sansserif,size:48,bold:false",
>         buttonPadding:{left:0,right:0,top:0,bottom:0},
>         backgroundColor:"#232191"
>     },
For 2.1 maybe we could add these sample settings in one of our examples ...

>         Also of not to find out what values to set look up the skins set
> methods... for example for this one it is TerraTabPaneSkin... to get values
> remove the set and make the first character lowercase...
yes, this is a common practice, like any standard method naming for
Java Bean properties, in our doc on BXML this is written (maybe could
be improved/calrified in the doc) ...

> And you can't seem to set the Style for an individual tab from bxml... so if
> you want to have different coloured tabs.. looks like it doesn't handle
> it...
> If I can't figure out another way to do it maybe I will have to write my own
> TabPaneSkin to handle this, and if I get time I will post it back to
> Everybody...
For 2.1 maybe we could add a new style/property for this ... (and if
simple we could even backport to 2.0.x branch).
To not lose things, it would be great if you could add a JIRA issue
for this for 2.1.0 (as improvement) and assign to me. Then, if/when
you want, attach some patch ... but this is an optional step :-) .

> 2)      How to set the background color of a Boxpane?
> backgroundColor: "#232191"
> Not sure why I had trouble with this, something to note is don't set the
> background of other components for example TextInputs and it does use the
> backgroundColor of the BoxPane... So it does seem to have Inherited styles
> to some extent;]
I have to check this for 2.1, I still have to close some minor tweaks, see here:
If you want, put some comment/fix needed there ...
Note that with a custom color combination file you can better see
problems with skin drawings.

> 3)      Does anybody have a fully fleshed out .json file for most components
> that we can use as a reference?
> Here is some references for others:
> radiobutton: {
>         font: {
>             name: "sansserif",
>             size: 28,
>             italic: false,
>             bold: false
>         },
>         color: "#FFFFFF"
>     },
> pushbutton: {
>         font: {
>             name: "sansserif",
>             size: 14,
>             bold: true
>         },
>         color: "#ffffff",
>         backgroundColor: "#00ff00"
>     },
Thanks for this sample.

> 4)      I would recommend using overloaded stylename constructors.
> Still would like this since it makes your Json file cleaner and smaller...
Could you post a sample ?

Thanks for sharing with us all this info/comments.


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