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From Sandro Martini <sandro.mart...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Alternative implementation of RowEditor
Date Thu, 28 Mar 2013 13:35:43 GMT
Hi Brendan,
sorry for the delay but these days I'm very busy ...

> I made a modification of RowEditor, to act as a Cell editor and not just for
> any single cell of table.  There are actually, all cells of table can be
> editing at the time with cell editor turned on(just like "begin" in row
> editor).  However, with this implementation, there are few issues:
> (1) so many listeners.  each editor have to watch the scrollPane, the
> column, the row of  tableView, mouse click and even the pane visibility
did you tried with an Adapter (like ours in many classes) ?

> (2) Complex, Because the window for cell editor is isolated and has to
> handle  individually.  It is the change of interface will difficult and
> error prone.
yes, but maybe could be a vali approach too ...

> I was thinking to use Stack Pane to build a layer of top of TableView and
> have my editors on it.  However, I think the location cannot be set
> individually.  Or may be I was wrong about?
if I remember well, there are others that does a trick like this ...
don't remember where in code/samples/tests, but for sure there should
be something in our mailing lists, like "get absolute location" or
similar ... this should help:

> Is there a better way?
don't know, sorry ...

> For my other requirements, my program is very much like spreadsheet app.
yes I remember, have you got some updated screenshot ?

If you have some time, why not add a jira (as improvement) and attach
there a minimal sample, to see/test the current approach ?


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