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From Sandro Martini <sandro.mart...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: pivot and touch screen?
Date Sat, 19 Jan 2013 17:06:57 GMT
Hi Francis,
> I did a kiosk POC using Pivot that ran on a touch all-in-one PC.  This was back in v1.4.
good th hear :-) ...

> It worked fine.  It lacked features to enlarge various attributes---the up
> and down arrows on a increment/decrement field is one I remember---but, no major showstoppers
that I recall.
good, probably we could improve something in the skin is there are
only small adjustments to do (if someone needs them) ... tell to us.

> on the same topic: any experience with pivot on android?
no, I'm (really) sorry, but to achieve this we should rewrite all the
graphics back-end, so it's an huge task.
There is a JIRA issue to generalize the graphics backend, for a future
release, to start going in that direction.
But even after this there is the problem of how to handle
Android-specific things, so it would be really hard ...
> I remember there was some talk about android in 2010, right?
yes, this is a thing that we started to discuss many time ago.
And personally speaking, the fact that Pivot currently doesn't run on
Android devices (mainly tablets and then even smartphones) for me is a
big trouble !!

So my proposal (some time ago) to start a new project derived from
Pivot (but fully-incompatible, targeting HTML 5 and no more Java at
client side) where we could try to build web applications in a
Pivot-like way (declarative User Interface, skinnability, diiferent
kind of graphics output inside the browser, etc ...).
The idea for this (discussed even with Apache Board) was to start it
somewhere (for example in GitHUB) and see if there is people
interested, and then maybe return to Apache. I created a (near-empty)
project on GitHUB, you can find here:
It's in my near-infinite todo list, so if someone is interested, tell me :-) .

Of course I want to keep Pivot alive and continue to develop it, but
now we should be able to target even other platforms ... at least for
me. Because for Desktop applications Pivot makes sense.

For comments, suggestions, etc we are here ...


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