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From Greg Brannon <greg.d.bran...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: First impressions of a wannabe adopter
Date Wed, 26 Sep 2012 11:25:53 GMT

Thanks.  An inspiring testimonial.  After reading your response, I
feel a bit like the slacker I sometimes see in others who ask for help
with Core Java who haven't taken the time to do the basic research to
answer their own questions.  In my own defense, I would suggest that
the volume and variety of data available on Core Java is a large
multiple of that available for Pivot.  (Frankly, JavaFX isn't much
more accessible than Pivot, if at all.)


I understood very little of what you said.  On one hand, that inspires
me to dig further to try to understand your points about the
@DefaultProperty and the BXMLSerializer.  On the other, it causes me
to wonder if I'm up to the task.  Yep, I read  and mostly understand
the BXML Primer, but I haven't read the BXMLSerializer source code.
It's hard for me to imagine it to be a "fascinating read," but now I'm


I'm not working to a deadline and I don't have to understand the
framework completely within a certain timeframe, but I do have to see
there's a possibility that the tools exist to achieve near mastery of
the topic at some point in the not too distant future, say, within my
lifetime.  I'll try reading the source code to see if the Rosetta
Stone might be hidden there, but I thought that's what the API was
for.  Not everyone has the skill/talent or commitment/patience to
learn a complex technology by reading the source code.  I don't admit
it happily or easily, but I may be in that camp.  I definitely know
that I'm not the guy who can sit and stare at his inbox, waiting for
an answer to a technical question required to continue a project.

I accept that my experiences with Pivot are due to my own boundaries
and limitations, so don't judge the product or its worthiness for your
application by anything I've said. The product is impressive, and the
community is largely available and eager to help.

I'll be back after doing the additional study suggested by Pavan and Roger.

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